To Live in a Beautiful Life with Dog

Do you know how to treat your dog in order to enjoy spending life with your dog as a family member?
In this chapter, we introduce necessary matters in your daily life: such as choosing your dog and training toilet etc...


  • 1. It is important that you give all of dog's needs
  • 2. Select a dog matching to you
  • 3. Having a good environment for your dog
  • 4. Toilet training
  • 5. Make your dog familiar to your house
  • 6. Play with your dog
  • 7. Understand character of your dog
  • 8. How to make distinguish good and bad for biting
  • 9. Make familiar to outside

1. It is important that you give all of dog's needs

  • Feed your dog enough meal, if your dog is hungry
  • Give time and place for elimination
  • Give opportunities to do walking, running, searching and smelling at the outside environment
  • Do skin ship and communication, then make your dog happy
  • Let your dog free without leash and let it choose their favorite place
  • Give enough exercise and let your dog play

2. Select a dog matching to you

This chapter is not necessary if you already have a dog, but it is very important for all of us to have a dog.

Do you know there is a dog breed best match to your character and your life style. If you choose your dog good match to you, then the dog would be easier and friendly to you. You can take your dog everywhere enjoying being a company if the dog is good manner. You can be relax with your dog, with which people love.

If you want to have a dog, which comes from a difficult dog breed and doesn't match to your character, it is better to ask your breeder to select small and quiet female, which is friendly to people. Then learn how to train the dog from a trainer, who gives a practice to the dog owner, until you can control your dog well. Although it takes long time, your dog will be familiar to you in the mean while, then the dog becomes relax and be a good member of your family.

What dog breed is good match for your character in general?

  • 1. If you like to read books quietly at home, and/or if you do not have so much time to spend to your dog;
    • Shih Tzu
    • Pug
    • Cavalier etc...
  • 2. If you are active and like outdoor, and have time for dog;
    • Labrador retriever
    • Golden retriever
    • Terrier etc...
  • 3. These below are difficult if you have them inside your house, because they have an aggressive aspect and need many exercise. We recommend to someone, who is familiar to dog and has time for dog;
    • Border Collie
    • German Shepherd
    • Jack Russell Terrier etc...

Now you need to consider where do you get new dog. Please do not purchase your dog from a place, where a seller puts dog in a cage all day long, even if it is a pet shop or a breeder. Even when you see a place, at where dogs are, there must be a separate circle from dog cage, in order to locate a toilet sheet and to be a play ground. You can choose a happy dog. That means people take care of the dog well.

It is nice to adopt dogs, however as it is important to heal harmed feeling of the dog, it is better for someone, who has well knowledge to have a dog. If you don't have any experience for dog in your past, it is better to get some advices from a professionals.

3. Having a good environment for your dog

Now you need to prepare a good environment for your dog, before your dog is coming. At the first three months, new dog needs someone to be with all the time in order to take care of. You can sleep with your dog at the beginning, however let your dog sleep alone step by step. Basically dog have an ability to solve any kinds of problem by themselves. Therefore, although taking care of your dog well at beginning, make it less step by step. Then let your dog be left alone at home, and eventually let your dog stay over night at a place, where it is not familiar and quiet for your dog.

  • The good environment for dog is, in general, locate a circle in a living room, then locate a dog cage in the circle. The size of cage is a size of your dog when it become the adult dog. The cage is a bed room for your dog. That means it is a relax and comfortable place. The way locating your dog in the living room means you can always take care of your dog and can provide dog's needs. It is fine to remove the cage when your dog becomes relax and quiet, then it doesn't bother you. If so, you can put a dog rug at the place to make there comfortable. In the way, even your dog is a little dirty, the inside of house doesn't get dirty as long as your dog is on the rug. When you do not want your dog walking around when you have a guest, it is easy for you to make your dog on the rug when you order "go to the mattress" to your dog.
  • It is also a good idea that you set a small enclosure in the living room, if your dog is a puppy, to prevent your dog walk around in the room. At this time, the dog cage must be also located in the area.
  • If you really want to have your dog outside, you must build a fence around your house to prevent your dog run away. It is very important that you need to spend all day outside with your dog during the first three months, because you need to be with your dog. Locate a dog house or cage, at where you can see from the living room. However keep it away, if your dog can not relax because of a location, where many people come and go.
  • If you adopt an adult dog, which has already trained, then you can stay with it until your dog gets familiar with new environment and becomes relax.

4. Toilet training

When you got your dog, observe your dog carefully where your dog wants a place as a toilet spot. Dog has a habit to keep their bed room clean. Therefore do not put a pet sheet near/next to dog cage.

  • First, pave news paper everywhere in the circle or the fenced place. Then, when your dog finds its toilet spot, you can remove all of the news paper and locate the pet sheet. If your dog bites the sheet, you need another training not to bite the sheet.
  • If you want your dog eliminate outside, you need to take your dog once a one to two hours if your dog is only two to four months old.

Important TIPs for toilet training

  • Do not let your dog get out until your dog finishes its elimination inside of the circle.
  • If your dog is a puppy, let your puppy out from the circle and play with it every time when your puppy does elimination after its nap. Then you can return your puppy into the circle when it pass about an hour. Again, if your puppy does the elimination, take your puppy outside of the circle and play with it. While you take your puppy out from and back to the circle repeatedly, your puppy will start eliminating on the pet sheet.
  • Do not take your dog out of the circle and keep asking "pee?" if your dog does not finish the elimination. If so, your dog does not come to you when you call it.
  • Do not get upset if your dog fails the elimination on the pet sheet either eliminates outside of the circle. Pretend you do not care whatever your dog did, because there is no difference for toilet training even you gets upset.
  • Tell your dog "pee-pee" or "pi-pi" etc while your dog does eliminating. In the mean while, even you just tell it the word, your dog starts doing, because your dog has connected the action and the word. It is very convenience for dog owner that your dog eliminates immediately when you take your dog at a good place for elimination and tell the word, before riding a car or going to a building etc...

5. Make your dog familiar to your house

When you have new dog, let them stay at a safety place for the dog. Before you make your dog free to access in your house, it is better to train the dog in order to make understand rules in the house. In the way, your dog will come to you friendly at any time when you call it, because the dog will not have experiences that you chase it around.

A training: Keep your dog out from a special room

  • Keep your dog with leash. You need an extra length, because you need to adjust the leash by situations.
  • If your dog is going to a room, into where you do not want it go, pull the leash strongly not your dog to go to the room.
  • Then if your dog does not go into the room, when you make leash longer, give many praises and give a piece of special food. The food should not be bigger. It just a piece, but not the regular food, because it must be special for your dog.
  • Repeat every morning and night. It just a few times, for example one to three times each. You can repeat this training until your dog does not go into the room even the leash is enough long to access the room. Usually dog will understand very soon. If the dog does not improve the training, discuss with some professional.

6. Play with your dog

Dog have the power of concentration only for few minutes. Therefore they get bored playing after one or two minutes.
So can you play with your dog just for a while? Dog love people, who make them happy, and dog become biddable when you play with it.

  • After your dog eliminates in the circle, keep a leash, about 2 meters long, and take it out to the room.
  • Tie a rope to a soft toy or ball, which your dog would like, and play with it using the toy by pouncing on. Your dog would play with the toy holding around.
  • When your dog release the toy, you can pull the rope to give the toy movement.
  • Even your dog seems tired or bored, and becomes quiet, stay there with your dog for a while.
  • In the way, your dog trusts you as having play with and as being with.
  • In mean while, as long as you give your dog enough exercise, your dog becomes quiet and relax in the room.

7. Understand character of your dog

After playing with your dog, when observe it, you will know your dog character. Then you can measure how much the dog needs exercise.

  • If your dog remains quiet:

    • Your dog would be satisfied about thirty minutes exercise in the morning and evening.
  • If your dog immediately stands up and starts looking for another play, but it got bored with the previous toy:

    • Probably you need about 1 hour exercise for your dog in the morning and evening.
  • If your dog continuously playing or looking for something new, observe how long you need to play until it gets quiet:

    • Such as active dog are good for dog sports like playing a frisbee or agility. The exercise must be needed more than 1 hour every day in the morning and the evening. Also, you do not only walk with your dog, also take it to a large space such as a park and use toys and balls: i.e. make your dog chase the toy, or you can twitch the toy like a small prey.

8. How to make distinguish good and bad for biting

Make sure that your dog does not come to you if you chasing your dog with saying "Not this, not that..." Also your dog would weave its way through you if you put your hands, even your dog comes to you. Therefore do not say negative words such as "No" "Don't do that" "Bad" etc..., until your new dog open its heart to you.

  • If your dog bites some furniture near the dog while you play with the dog, immediately pull the leash and remove the dog away from it. Do NOT say anything when you pull the leash.
  • When your dog leave away from the furniture, because of pulled leash, you can praise your dog with gentle voice, and shake a toy in order to get dog's attention. Also your dog holds the toy with biting, you praise it.
  • Keep training repeatedly until your dog stop biting the furniture. You can continue maybe 5 or 6 times. When you training many times, your dog will realize the difference that your dog can not bite the furniture but toy is fine.
  • It may not work for tough dogs such as Terrier and Labrador Retriever etc... If you have these dogs, slap your dog nose with your hand lightly to make it surprise. Or you can hold its croup with your hand while your dog is biting furniture. In this time, you should NOT say anything. Everything must be done silently and secretly.
  • When your dog releases something that it was biting, because you made it surprised, you need to praise your lovely dog with high-pitched and happy voice. Make sure that you speak to your dog is only the time that you praise your dog.
  • Make sure that you should NOT use scarily voice like reproaching or prohibiting something, because it is the time to make your dog well familiar with you. In addition, as your dog does not know anything about your rules, what your dog does are all most bad things for you. So if you say No, No, NO to everything, your dog will not come to you when you call it.
  • Therefore when your dog releases something, which the dog was biting, because of being surprised, show some toy quickly and shake it to make your dog pay attention. When the dog jumps to the toy and starts playing with it, again you praise your dog with happy high voice. Let your dog realize that they will be praised when something is good to bite, although some bad thing happens when it is not good to bite.
  • You need to let your dog understand some objectionable things happen when they bite their pet sheet and mattress as well.
  • However, please note that your dog must trust you with love before this biting training, because you are giving small punishment in order to teach there is unwelcome to bite something in the world. If so, your dog will learn it without any frustration.
  • In addition, if your dog comes closer to you, you always need to tell it positive things such as "Good boy/girl! Good boy/girl!" with gentle voice. If your dog comes to you, you can sit down and touch its belly gently. At this time, do NOT lift your dog in your arms. Your dog feels scarily as their four legs will be parted from the ground. However, if your dog jumps up onto your knee by itself, you can hold it in your arms gently and cheerfully.
  • The most of people try to touch dog's forehead or the top of head as showing friendly emotion, to be honest, dog do not feel comfortable and many of dogs would not come closer to you any more. So it is better you can touch their belly or around their neck.
  • Your dog will be relax with your gentle voice, and become calm down by your comfortable touching. Although it is difficult for aggressive dog to train something, they will learn things friendly if they come closer to you expecting your gentle touching when they meet your gaze.

9. Make familiar to outside

Take your dog out side from your house! Even if your puppy can't walk around because of no vaccination yet, it is important for them to see various things outside of your house by being holding in your arms

  • Let's put a 3m-long leash to the collar.
  • When you let your dog out of your house, have the leash make short and tell your dog "wait!," then when you open the front door, tell your dog "OK" and start walking together. While keeping the leash short, tell your dog "wait" and close the door.
  • At first, go to a place, where is good for dog elimination.
  • For example you would go to your front yard for dog toilet, then scrooch by and observe your dog. Keep your eye to your dog. Let your dog free around yourself. If your dog starts messing your flower garden, you can make the leash shorter and change the place, in order to make your dog attention to something else. Your dog would smell anything its want, do pee-pee, dig a hole or eat some insects or leaves. Keep continue to watch for your dog what they do as much as possible. If your dog come to you, talk to your dog gently.
  • If your dog does something bad for you, instead of using "No", take your dog another location with "Let's go!" Most of people use "No" repeatedly, but if so, your dog will not listen to your words anymore and will not come to you either. You need to concern your words and action carefully, because small sensitive matter effects your dog seriously. Rather prohibit something, switch doing to something new and change their interest. You can use a long leash, which can let your dog free in the area, and watch for your dog.
  • Make your dog familiar to around your house step by step, while stopping by three places, where you can let them free, at each time in dog walk. Dog walk is about 10 to 15 minutes at each time, then come back to your house and put your dog back to the dog circle. Then you need to leave from your dog for a while. However, please keep paying attention to your dog. How is your dog in the circle?
    • Your dog is calm down and laying down.
    • Walking around in the circle.
  • If your dog walks around in the circle, it does not satisfied their exercise yet. Take your dog to outside from the circle like above, before your dog starts making a noise. You can also play with your dog too, if you want. How many times do you repeat these above for your dog to become calm down? Some dogs needs a half day to explore outside thus... Or some dogs become quiet when the weather is not good... What about your dog?
  • Considering your dog character, you must measure how much and how many times you need dog walk in a day. It is sure that your dog trusts you if you give everything your dog needs at the beginning of having your dog. Then you can decrease your time to spend to your dog later and later.
  • It is little by little, but definitely your dog will be able to stay home alone. Everything takes time little by little. This means "Making your dog familiar to something!"
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